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Notes PP 9.1

Notes PP 9.1: Sticky notes for Windows. Post desktop stickies, reminders. Note taking software Notes PP - note taking software for Windows that helps you organize information. Notes PP easily reminds about daily tasks and special dates and events. Using note taking software you can create desktop sticky notes & reminders, post notes on desktop, send desktop notes over LAN/Internet, associate sticky notes with programs/files/windows, organizer stickies in groups. Notes PP is easy notes organizer with high security. Download sticky notes

Sticker Lite (Sticky Notes Free) 5.1: FREE Sticky notes software for Windows. Sticky notes freeware. Post notes free.
Sticker Lite (Sticky Notes Free) 5.1

FREE sticky notes software to keep information on PC desktop. You can create desktop sticky notes using different fonts, colors; post notes on desktop, modify desktop sticky notes, organize sticky notes, automatically save sticky notes, create sticky notes with different priorities, lock sticky notes. Free note taking software to send sticky notes over LAN/Internet. Download note taking freeware to organize your info - Sticky Notes freeware.

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Sticker Lite 6.3: Free note taking for Windows 7, Vista, XP. Desktop sticky notes freeware
Sticker Lite 6.3

note taking software for Windows that helps you record, keep and manage important information, dates and events on your computer desktop. Sticker Lite is a great tool to organize information or just write down ideas and thoughts using desktop sticky notes. With Sticker Lite you can create desktop sticky notes to keep all necessary information at your fingertips, easily organize sticky notes on your desktop and even send sticky notes over a local

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Take Note V1.0: Take Note: Simple, easy to use, note storage software. Includes search.
Take Note V1.0

Take Note is note taking software that does exactly what it says. Designed to be easy to write, save, find and organise small peaces of information that would otherwise been strewn across several "New Text Document (4).txt"s. Features: Add and delete notes Note Search Save note as text file Print out note List all notes System try quick-loader

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NoteScribe 1.10: A note-taking software designed to assist with organizing notes on your computer
NoteScribe 1.10

NoteScribe is a premier note-taking and organizational program developed to assist students, professors, researchers, or anyone else in the organization of their notes, papers, study materials or any other digital information they choose to manage. Notes can be easily organized and quickly accessed by using NoteScribe`s organizational tools, which allows the user to arrange and access their notes by categories, sources, and key words. NoteScribe`

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Sticky Memo Note & Reminder Software 7.0: Create multiple notes that can be dragged and dropped.
Sticky Memo Note & Reminder Software 7.0

This software offers a solution to users who want to create notes. Right-click the top of a note window for menu options such as transparency, “always on top” priority, and font/color settings. Drag and drop notes to any point on your screen and resize them to fit your workspace. Notes can be set to play an audio alarm at a specified time. This software can help you store snippets of data or reminders easily without cluttering the desktop.

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Note Recorder 1.7: Note Recorder is an easy to use voice recording and note taking tool.
Note Recorder 1.7

notes, you can also create freehand notes and drawings. - Full-featured text editor. Text format is compatible with Microsoft Word. - You can create categories to store your notes in to help keep them organized. Note Recorder is designed for laptop and notebook computers with a screen resolution of 1366x768 or greater. Use on a portable computer is necessary if the program is to be used in a class or meeting room. Note: For recording notes, you will

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